Friday, October 14, 2011

Amarantos Issue 1


Primary Issue.

Interviews with:

Wolfhetan. The only interview conducted with this woefully under rated German Black Metal ensemble. Their debut release entitled Entr├╝ckung is a staggering beautiful musical journey as well as physical object. Difficult to obtain, but immensely satisfying, so much so that on Metal Archives I rated the release a 100, it is really that good. A Black Metal release I would take to the grave, along side the Ulver trilogy box set. The interview include exclusive translations of the lyrics into English from Old German as well.

Fauna: At the time of publication of Issue 1, this was the only interview with Fauna yet conducted. It remains, I would humbly state, one of the best sources of information about the band and the ideas they are motivated by.

Procer Veneficus: Obscure elite solo project by Night interviewed by J. Joshua Phillips.

Set Sothis Nox La: Interviewed by J Joshua Phillips while conducting the Fauna interview, together they both fit as a sort of round table discussion of the ideas germinating into what would be this periodical.

Essays and writings by:

Paul Shepard: known as the godfather of Deep Ecology, here presented is the essay “The Relevance of the Past” which provides a brief overview of some of the major themes of this writers work focusing here on time and our notions of history. A fascinating and engaging work.

Georg Heym: A German Expressionist poet, Georg Heym is a fascinating character, his writings are remarkable in their ability to speak to readers 100 years later with starting clarity and passion. Dealing with death and the macabre Heym’s writing are regretfully difficult to obtain yet are of such stellar quality, he is the perfect “lost” author ro be published in this first issue. A brief biography is also included along with several poems in both German and English.


For the first issue a satisfying selection of reviews for both then-current releases and modern classic releases that might have been overlooked by a newer audience.

All together 60 pages hand bound in a half sheet format available for $6

Issue 1 of Amarantos has been in print for a few years now. The intent of the zine is to stay in print as long as there is desire to obtain it. Based on a DIY method of production this will continue to be a primary goal of the zine. Due to this principal, the dissemination of the print run will be through a few venues in order to more easily accommodate that goal. Primary distribution will be through Eternal Warfare and Pesanta Ur Folk Other distribution channels will be sought out in your region, but my preference is to limit the channels through which this periodical is obtained for quality control purposes.

A Statement of Intent

Amarantos is a periodical dedicated to the ennoblement of the human search for meaning. This forum for the discovery of our nature, whose function is solar in kind, represents to us an investigation into the spirit, consciousness, and matter of humanness. We have set out on an open-hearted pursuit of truth and the divine, utterly transcending the mire of realism and postmodernity. We seek to breathe spirit back into the word and to rescue the imperiled human organism from an immersion in the dead world civilization has built.

We publish sporadically but regularly in an effort to enliven the discourse surrounding the various underground channels we recognize as the seedbeds for the coming Spring. We celebrate atavism in all its forms, recognizing in the rejection of the modern the blossoming of the indissoluble spirit of Life. Shining a fiery torch on the parchment of mind, we seek to discover an essence and burn away the rest. This is a vehicle for the ascension of the inner flame, Amarantos is a journal in pursuit of the interior and exterior Beyond.

Within the pages of Amarantos you will find a selection of writings that abide by many paths. The conjoining of these is not meant to necessitate the formulation of a coherent totality, though in this potentially paradoxical synthesis we presuppose that many paths can align in the most startling ways towards a similar direction. The inclusion of these disparate forms is based on our desire to unearth those strands we find meaningful and bring them to print, as well as the need to investigate certain interests that speak towards our mission printed above.

Amarantos seeks to bring to print a range of articles and ideas that would spark kindling to fire. Within you will find information that is out of print, difficult to obtain, or merely yet another opportunity to be lead to waters that you might drink from. It is the intent to provide this information due to relative merit given the statements above.

Within the pages of Amarantos you will also find in depth interviews with many luminaries and musicians seeking to engage in sound and ideas kindred paths as to those of the editors listed below. Entities chosen not to move units but engage within a dialogue that moves beyond their specific medium, placing their work within a world of ideas and passions.

Brian Booty (aka. Set Sothis Nox La) has been enthralled with Literature, the Arts and independent underground music for over 20 years, pursuing various strands of engaging, alternate thought that diverge from that of mainstream culture. This engagement led to the compulsion to create a discourse through these interests, which is not strictly limited to discourse about these interests.

J. Joshua Phillips has been contributing to underground music cultures for over 20 years, focusing on what could be termed the “dark arts” for the past 10. He has lent his musical talents to numerous projects from the Cascadian bioregion, and organizes festivals and events throughout the area. His projects and events all share a particular focus: engaging with the beyond, and thereby opening to the transformative potential of Spirit. He is dedicated to infusing the discourse surrounding the subcultures Amaranthos studies with honesty, passion, and depth.