Friday, October 14, 2011

Amarantos Issue 1


Primary Issue.

Interviews with:

Wolfhetan. The only interview conducted with this woefully under rated German Black Metal ensemble. Their debut release entitled Entr├╝ckung is a staggering beautiful musical journey as well as physical object. Difficult to obtain, but immensely satisfying, so much so that on Metal Archives I rated the release a 100, it is really that good. A Black Metal release I would take to the grave, along side the Ulver trilogy box set. The interview include exclusive translations of the lyrics into English from Old German as well.

Fauna: At the time of publication of Issue 1, this was the only interview with Fauna yet conducted. It remains, I would humbly state, one of the best sources of information about the band and the ideas they are motivated by.

Procer Veneficus: Obscure elite solo project by Night interviewed by J. Joshua Phillips.

Set Sothis Nox La: Interviewed by J Joshua Phillips while conducting the Fauna interview, together they both fit as a sort of round table discussion of the ideas germinating into what would be this periodical.

Essays and writings by:

Paul Shepard: known as the godfather of Deep Ecology, here presented is the essay “The Relevance of the Past” which provides a brief overview of some of the major themes of this writers work focusing here on time and our notions of history. A fascinating and engaging work.

Georg Heym: A German Expressionist poet, Georg Heym is a fascinating character, his writings are remarkable in their ability to speak to readers 100 years later with starting clarity and passion. Dealing with death and the macabre Heym’s writing are regretfully difficult to obtain yet are of such stellar quality, he is the perfect “lost” author ro be published in this first issue. A brief biography is also included along with several poems in both German and English.


For the first issue a satisfying selection of reviews for both then-current releases and modern classic releases that might have been overlooked by a newer audience.

All together 60 pages hand bound in a half sheet format available for $6

Issue 1 of Amarantos has been in print for a few years now. The intent of the zine is to stay in print as long as there is desire to obtain it. Based on a DIY method of production this will continue to be a primary goal of the zine. Due to this principal, the dissemination of the print run will be through a few venues in order to more easily accommodate that goal. Primary distribution will be through Eternal Warfare and Pesanta Ur Folk Other distribution channels will be sought out in your region, but my preference is to limit the channels through which this periodical is obtained for quality control purposes.

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