Sunday, February 1, 2015


It is far time that I update this blog with some news. The third issue of Amarantos is out now and can be found on sale at

Soon... I will make re-issues of the Amarantos Issue 1 and 2 available again through the same store front as listed above. Until then I thought that I would post a few tidbits from each issue. The first will be an interview with Fauna which started this whole "zine" in motion. It has become more than a "zine" at this point with the second issue reaching up towards 192 pages and the third issue at roughly 156 pages. Following that will be an essay that I wrote for the second issue on the nature Black Metal as it intersects with the conception of Left Sacred and Right Sacred, a concept originally posed by Robert Hertz and later utilized in the College of Sociology by Roger Caillois and Georges Bataille.

More on that soon... all things in their own time.


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